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Live Casino Bonuses

If you’re new to the online and live casino world then you’re probably being blown away by all the advantages you’ve been getting from playing here especially when it comes to the freedom of choosing when and where you get to play. For many though there’s an even better reason for choosing a live casino as your place to play, and that’s for the live casino bonuses they have on offer. These bonuses come in many different shapes and sizes and alongside the freedom of choosing when to play they’re the biggest reason why so many people have made the switch.

Live Casino Bonuses Guide

If you haven’t started playing at a live casino yet the first thing we’d tell you to do is make sure you’re getting a top end bonus before you sign up with a site as every site has them and they have been tailor made to suit every type of casino players around! There’s lots of different live casino promotions on every site however we’ll give you a rundown of what you can expect to see to help find you the best deals.


The first one we’ll talk about here is also our personal favourite and they’re called no deposit bonuses. Now as the name suggests a no deposit bonus is a bonus that you receive from a live casino simply for registering an account with the site –; you don’t even need to deposit a penny and you’ll already have real cash waiting to play with. The amount you get varies from site to site however you can typically expect it to be in the range of £5-£15 which is usually enough to have a play about on the site and see if it’s the place for you. This is especially useful when it comes to live casinos as it helps you understand how the gameplay works before committing a single penny of your money and if it’s not the place for you you’re free to leave it at that. 此外, if you end up actually winning with this no deposit bonus then you’ll be able to make a withdrawal into your bank as well which is about as good as it gets!

If you didn’t manage to turn the no deposit bonus into your greatest fortunes then you’ll probably want to take a site up on their new player bonus which usually comes in the form of a matching deposit bonus! These bonuses are by far the largest bonuses you’ll come across in the casino industry and the more you’re able to deposit at once the larger the bonus you’re going to get. If you fancy yourself to be a high roller then you’ll certainly want to look for a site with a high roller bonus which will match your first deposit for you on deposits in the range of £500-£1500. This obviously is no small amount of money but if you can afford it then it’s certainly worth your while!

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If like the rest of us you’re a normal player then you’ll find there’s plenty of new player bonuses that will have a 100% matching deposit bonus worth up to £200, and if you’re looking to deposit a little less than that you can usually get some more value too like a 150% matching deposit bonus worth up to £150 or a 200% matching bonus worth up to £100. 基本上, the more you deposit the more actually money they’ll give you, but at a slightly lower rate than if you deposit a little. Welcome bonuses like these from live casinos will often come with a couple of free spins on one of their best slots added on too which as an added incentive to choosing them.

If you’re only looking to try out a site then it’s these bonuses that you’ll want to look at most before making your decision however if you’re looking for a place to call your home then you’ll also want to look at the ongoing promotions that live casinos offer up. These promotions take on a much wider range than your standard bonuses and cover things such as added deposit bonuses, cash weekend races, and raffle giveaways for fantastic holidays to name but a few of them and what’s more is that these ongoing promotions will quickly overtake a standard bonus in value if you stick around at a site long enough!


So if you’re looking to start playing at a live casino but you’re not sure what bonus to take then we’d suggest you first take a look at some no deposit bonuses and try out a few live casinos to find the site you like the most first. Then you’ll want to think about how much you’re looking to deposit as this will determine what sort of bonuses will be best for you. In the end though the one thing we’d say to make sure to do is to take a site up on one of their bonuses at the start as these are where the biggest and best bonuses are found!


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