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五雷轰顶II | 100%欢迎奖金


The Highly Anticipated Thunderstruck II Slots Promo Is Finally Here!

This slots promo game from the ever innovative Microgaming studios is the second instalment in the insanely successful Thunderstruck slots promo game! Just like its predecessor, ‘Thunderstruck II’ is based on the Asgardian theme with many of its fictional characters still present. Bundled with a 10,000 coins jackpot, this major motion game is bound to line your pockets with Asgardian treasure at SlotJar.

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Thor vs Loki? Who Pays Out the Most? Make Your Dreams Come True!

Full of rich slots promo features and magical mystical charm, this slots promo game by Microgaming at SlotJar will be a tough act to beat. ‘Thunderstruck II’ is based on the ever intense adventures of the super-hero god of thunder Thor. Characteristically, his nemesis Loki is also present. The metallic finishing plus all the symbols and icons used seem to be of the same make as Thor’s hammer while the adventure inducing orchestral music and powerful sound effects fill you with a longing for adventure…And this ‘243 Ways to Win’ slots might make your dreams a reality!

五雷轰顶II还带有一些可识别的字符,如 Valkyrie, Odin and Raven. They appear as icons alongside playing cards from 9 to Ace, Thor’s Hammer, a rainbow road and Viking ships. As expected in this slots promo game, Thor’s Hammer will be your scatter guaranteeing you a huge payout, while the shining Thunderstruck logo is your ‘Wild’ pushing you into free-spins whenever you play your cards right.

装满Asgardian珍惜你的口袋 - 让你在现实生活中赢得什么

‘Thunderstruck II’ slots promo at SlotJar is definitely not your typical slots promo game. It is packed with multiple features each attached to a character from the Asgardian world:

  • It has the usual five reels but no set pay-lines. Instead, this slots promo game comes bundled with a massive 243 ways to win, giving you ample opportunity to make some major coin by matching the symbols into winning combinations
  • Your Thunderstruck ‘Wild’ logo which you can substitute for just about any other symbol, except your Hammer (the scatter), is also present.
  • Get yourself 5 of these wilds in a row (5 reels) and you instantly get 1000 to 10,000 coins depending on the bet range you have selected
  • Even though ‘Thunderstruck II’ does not give you a progressive jackpot, it has an interesting feature that allows you to unlock extra symbols such as Loki, Valkyrie, Odin and Raven as you play. These symbols are housed in the ‘Great hall of Spins’
  • Get three or more of Thor’s hammer (the scatter) and you shall activate the ‘Great hall of Spins’ bonus

The ‘Great hall of Spins’ is divided into four sections. These are named after the four most popular Asgardian characters: Thor, Loki, Odin and Valkyrie

  • The more times you activate this round with the scatter, the more sections you get access to
  • During your 1st ‘Great Hall’ adventure, you get Valkyrie who immediately rewards you with 10 free spins 和5倍乘数
  • If you get to this bonus round 5 times, you find Loki with 15 free-spins plus a special Wild Magic feature for you
  • Access the bonus stage a 10th time and you get Odin who gives you 20 free spins plus a Wild Raven feature
  • And if you are especially lucky in this top slots promo game, you might get to the bonus round 15 times and unlock the god of thunder himself to walk away with a huge payout of over 2 million in gold coins

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  • winner-noimg Aaron T. 韩元BIG $ 84,198.00
  • winner-noimg William F. 韩元BIG £46,080.00
  • winner-noimg William F. 韩元BIG £40,960.00
  • winner-noimg Natalie C. 韩元BIG £36,000.00
  • winner-noimg William G. 韩元BIG £31,250.00
  • winner-noimg Neil B. 韩元BIG £29,850.00
  • winner-noimg Robert D. 韩元BIG £27,600.00
  • winner-noimg Petra S. 韩元BIG €26,625.00
  • winner-noimg Christopher B. 韩元BIG £25,400.00
  • winner-noimg William G. 韩元BIG £25,000.00
  • winner-noimg Paul Julio E. 韩元BIG $ 25,000.00
  • winner-noimg Ali K. 韩元BIG £24,950.00
  • winner-noimg Ali K. 韩元BIG £18,400.00
  • winner-noimg Chris T. 韩元BIG £17,850.00
  • winner-noimg Arron B. 韩元BIG £16,960.00
  • winner-noimg William G. 韩元BIG £15,600.00
  • winner-noimg Ali K. 韩元BIG £14,000.00
  • winner-noimg Ryan S. 韩元BIG £12,800.00
  • winner-noimg David S. 韩元BIG £12,720.00
  • winner-noimg Stanimir M. 韩元BIG £12,640.00
  • winner-noimg Paul Julio E. 韩元BIG $12,500.00
  • winner-noimg Karen M. 韩元BIG £12,500.00
  • winner-noimg Ali K. 韩元BIG £12,320.00
  • winner-noimg Ali K. 韩元BIG £12,100.00
  • winner-noimg Andrew S. 韩元BIG £12,000.00
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