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What is a Live Casino

If you want to learn everything there is to know about a live casino then you’re in luck as this is the place where you’ll learn all the ups and downs plus all the tricks of the trade when it comes to a live online casino. Truth be told it won’t take us very long to explain everything you need to know about a live online casino as most of it is intuitive and if you’ve played at any sort of casino before then you’ll already have an understanding of mostly everything that’s going on. The one thing we will say though is if this is your first experience of an online casino or even just a casino in general then there’s no need to worry as live casino’s are incredibly safe to use and a whole lot of fun to play at.

Live Casino Online Information

A live casino is a section of an online or mobile casino where players who are looking to soak up that rich live casino atmosphere can go and have a bit of a personal touch to their game. When you select the online or mobile casino that’s right for you simply click on the “live” or “live casino” tab on the homepage and you’ll be taken to the page where all the actions happening.


When you first open this page it may seem like quite an action packed place but when you know what to look out for it will actually seem pretty well structured and easy to find what you’re looking for. On this screen you’ll see many dealer, many games, and a variety of stakes they’re being offered at.

Live casinos have a pretty distinct advantage over land based casinos in that they’re drawing from a much larger player pool and space isn’t as much of an issue so they’re able to offer you far more games than anywhere else can which is fantastic news if you like to play some of the lesser known games that you’ll find at a casino.

On this screen though you’ll simply want to look for the game that appeals most to you whether that’s Blackjack, 輪盤賭, 撲克, or Baccarat and click on that table to make the selection. If you see there’s quite a lot of Blackjack or Roulette tables this is usually because they’re offering some variations of the game or they’re offering the game at different stakes as well however they will tell you this just under the name of the game so have a quick check of that before you enter and you’ll be fine. If you see two tables that offer the same game and stake then you’ll notice they have a different dealer at each of them and this is just to offer you a bit of variety so just pick the person that appeals most to you to get the game started.


With your table selected what will happen next is your screen will beam you into the actual casino where the game is being played. How this works is through a live streaming media where a camera is always on the dealer and the table that you can see in real time. You can also type in messages into the chat box that the dealer can read and they will normally open with a greeting and reply to any chit chat or questions you may have for them.

Along the side of your screen you will find quite a few things that are designed to both help you play the game as well as offer you some additional features for the curious mind. The first thing you’ll want to check is your account balance which will be labeled in a small box at the bottom of the screen, this will tell you how much is in your account to play with. The next thing you’ll notice are the various chips of different denominations on the edge of the screen and these will be what you use to place your bets. Simply click on the chip you want to bet with and then click on the betting table to place that chip –; it really is that easy. When you do this you will see your account balance go down so you can tell how much you still have left to bet with.

There will be a timer letting you know just how long you’ve got left to place your bet and once that’s done all bets will be locked in. The lovely dealer will then play out the hand and in the case of Blackjack will ask you your action and when the hand’s over if you ended up a winner your account will instantly be credited with the winnings. To make things easier live online casino will use much larger than usual cards so you can see them more clearly even if you’re playing through your mobile or tablet. There are also some cool betting features along the side of the screen here to speed up the betting process which include things such as a rebet button so you don’t need to keep placing your bets over and over each bet as well as some in depth analysis on previous hands for you to search for patterns.


When you’re finally done with playing at a certain table all you need to do is close down the window and your time at that table will come to an end. Here you’ll be brought back to the main live online casino page where you can pick and choose another game or dealer, or if you’d prefer you can just have a look around the rest of the live online casino to see what they have on offer.

If you’ve read through all of this then you’ll be happy to know there’s nothing else you need to know to get started on your journey into the world of live casinos. One of the greatest benefits to a 真人娛樂場 is that while you still get that authentic feel to your games you can now play your favourite games any time they take your fancy be that noon, evening, or night as they’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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