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100%至£/ $ /£200存款比賽獎金,立即註冊!

只有新的球員。投注從實際餘額首次出現。 50倍投注獎金,貢獻可能每場比賽會有所不同。投注要求計算僅獎金投注。獎金是有效期為自簽發30天。最大轉換:3倍的獎金數額。排除的Skrill存款。完整的條款適用。

Mermaids Millions | 100% Welcome Bonus


Instant £37,500 Jackpot Slot Machine Bonus on Mermaids Millions – Play & Win Big!

Mermaids Millions is a very interesting slot machine online game powered by Microgaming at Slot Jar. Anything from these developers has excellent graphics and audio quality. Its theme is based around the deep blue sea, and of course Mermaid Mythology. Register for a free slots machine bonus and play for free or make a real money wager to keep any hidden treasure that you find! water, hunt for treasure and mythology.
Play & Win Big
This slot machine online game has controls for adjusting the reel speeds and sound volume. There are also additional features available in the Expert mode such as Auto-play which gives players the chance of playing the game automatically for a specified number of spins without human interference.

What is the Player’s Objective while Playing?

Mermaids Millions is a 5 reel cash slots machine online video game with 15 pay lines. The maximum bet is 75 coins. Coin denominations vary from 0.01p to £5. The setting is done deep in the sea where you will interact with mermaids, Neptune, clams, treasure chests, seahorse and more. Spin your way through the depths of the ocean to pocket the underwater fortune at Slot Jar.
There are numerous bonuses and free spins in this slot machine online game. Depending on the combinations appearing across the pay- lines, players can win instant jackpot cash prizes up to £7,500 as well as free spins bonus games.


Mermaid vs Neptune – Who Pays out the Most at Slot Jar?

As you probably know, Neptune is the mythological god of the seas, so it’s only fitting that he represent the Wild Symbol. That said, the game is called Mermaids Millions for a reason, and it’s this scatter symbol you’ll want to also be on the lookout for.
Both the Mermaid and Treasure Chests are the Scatter Symbols:
It triggers the Free Spins Bonus game. All you have to do is to hit at least three Mermaids.
For every three Mermaids, you will get 10 free spins.
The spins will increase with the number of symbols hit.
You should know that there is also a jackpot payout during this round.
Win up to 2500 coins in the Treasure Chest Bonus Feature when 3 or more Treasure Chest scatters appear on the reel. The ability to also win up to 12 random bonus amounts makes this feature even more desirable!
The Wild Symbol is the Neptune Logo which can replace any other symbol other than the scatter or bonus symbols. It can be used to complete unique combos for better payouts. Five Neptune symbols on an active pay-line have their own treasure which amounts to 7500 coin payout.
There is also a Treasure Bonus symbol which triggers the treasure bonus round. Here, you will have the chance of choosing random objects on the screen that have random bonus payouts. For example, The Clam and Jewel symbols have a maximum of 500 coins payout, which as far as a slot machine bonus goes, ain’t too shabby at all!

What is Good for Players . Enjoy the Delicacy?

Choosing Random Objects

There are bonuses, free spins and amazing jackpots awaiting dedicated players. However, you might have to go for many spins without triggering the bonus games in Slot Jar. This is why you should always adjust your stakes gradually as you progress. The maximum jackpot is £7500 while the second jackpot is £2000. The game also offers a free-play option where you get to enjoy the game without making a real money deposit – but just remember, you can’t win real money if you don’t play for real money…

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