Blood queen | Top Slots Bonus | הנאה 100% Welcome Bonus Upto £/€/$200 Blood queen | Top Slots Bonus | הנאה 100% Welcome Bonus Upto £/€/$200

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Blood queen

Iron Dog Studios has launched another game in order to extend your list of online slots. אָבער, this one is going to be a bit too creepy. It is based on the vampire theme and takes place inside a graveyard which is guarded by skeletons. Don’t worry, the free spins feature will give you some scoring treats and will make it a not-so-deadly place, instead a Top Slots Bonus.

Top Slots Bonus

Enjoy the Top Slots Bonus and much more

די Top Slots Bonus game is developed with five reels, thirty paylines and three rows. The background is shown as a graveyard lit faintly by a full moon night. It is being guarded by skeleton carvings who add the furious touch to the theme.

The high valued symbols are all taken from the theme which are Blood Queen, a transformed vampire, wooden stakes pair, Van Hell and red crystals. The lower ones are the standard J, ק, K and A.

The gargoyle represents the wild symbol of the game and is going to appear on the top row only. It expands to fill all the positions whenever it shows up on the screen. In online slots, the wild symbol substitutes rest of the symbols to help to form some extra winning combinations. The heart icon is the bonus symbol for the game and it can’t be replaced.

Bonus Slots

באָנוס פֿעיִקייטן

free ספּינס

Out here you have one of the Top Slots bonus Free Spins feature. In order to enter it, you just need to land three or more heart symbols on the reels. If you will land Three Heart symbols then they will pay you 20 פּאָטער ספּינז, Four Hearts gives 30 free spins and the Five hearts pays 50 spins. This will then take you to one of the available two modes.

One of them is Van Hell Holy Water. אין דאס, the holy water lands on the reels and spreads until it covers all four positions. Another one is Blood Queen Potion. If you will have the Blood potion at the second, third and fourth reels then it expands and covers the complete reel. You will notice that with every spin, the wild symbol will move one place towards the left side and will finally fall when it will reach the edge.


צו מאכן א סך הכל

די Top Slots bonus feature is going to offer you a creepy experience which will excite you to the infinity. The scary skeletons won’t be that deadly when they will accompany you to some of your great wins.

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