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Live – Baccarat | Earn Bonus Up To £200


Live Casino Baccarat with a Real Dealer: Casinos Online Just Got Real!

Table card games enthusiasts will find great pleasure in playing ‘Live Casino Baccarat’ simply because it is highly regarded as one of the best live casino games available. The game on Slot Jar borrows its name from the Italian word ‘baccara’ which means zero; portraying the zero value given to all tens and face cards. Besides the fact that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or even office to enjoy it, the game offers a real casino atmosphere streamed in HD video quality that literally brings the game to life when playing on mobile devices.

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Live casino Baccarat on Slot Jar has been regularly lauded by critics for its visually pleasing graphics and optimal functionality for players.

Unlike other software-based online casino games, Baccarat offers a one-of-a-kind live casino experience complete with live online dealers on Slot Jar. Basically, it entails the distinctive option of live video streaming with real, qualified croupiers who are exactly where they are supposed to be: At the casino table. Working with the professionals directly immediately gives you a sense of fairness and security thus the ideal frame of mind to enable you reap handsome rewards from the comfort of your home.

Have a Look at the Amazing Live Casino Baccarat Game Overview:

Being one of the most popular live casino table games around, Baccarat is known to some as Punto Banco. Basically, the game is played using the standard deck of a randomly shuffled fifty two card deck. At the start of every new game, a deal/bet takes place where the odds are categorically high. In a typical game of Live Casino Baccarat, there are three types of bets involved:

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The Banker’s Bet: A scenario whereby in the banker’s hand consists of cards with higher value than that of the player
The Player’s Bet: A scenario whereby in the player’s hand carries cards with higher value than the banker’s
Tie Bet: A rare scenario whereby both the player’s and banker’s bets are the same value

In a typical game of Live Casino Baccarat, two main hands (the dealer’s and the player’s) are dealt, with each consisting of a pair of cards. The objective, is to therefore predict the outcome correctly (which hand has a higher value). The best possible outcome in each hand or game is a 9 – meaning, the hand bearing a closer value to 9 automatically wins.

As stated earlier, all tens and picture cards are worth zero. An Ace however, is worth 1 point and the rest their face value. In case of a scenario whereby the pair of cards in a hand are worth more than nine points, ten will be subtracted from the total. For instance, a player having two cards amounting to 14, will have 4 points remaining after 10 has been subtracted.

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Parashikoni rezultatin e saktë për fiton mbresëlënëse në Live Casino Baccarat

While dealing, it is paramount to note that the general rule of thumb requires you to deal on the right for the banker, and to the left for the player’s hand. Prior to starting every new game, the players must have decided which hand to bet on (the dealer’s, their own, or a tie), alongside the wagers to place in the game. Winnings in most cases are indeed very handsome ranging into thousands of pounds. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the surreal casino surroundings and win big while at it, why not try a game of Live Casino Baccarat at Slot Jar.

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