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Jurassic ကမ္ဘာ့ဖလား


The scary and dangerous dinosaurs of Michael Crichton’s book are back to scare all of us. However, according to the Jurassic ကမ္ဘာ့ဖလားပေါက်ကိုပြန်လည်ဆန်းစစ်ခြင်း, the mighty dinosaurs are going to make you rich this time. Microgaming introduces this new creatively- designed video slot Jurassic World for casinos.

Players have to hit the dinosaurs to result in winning whopping prizes.This Slot Machine is built with 5 reels and gives the players whopping 243 ways to make a huge win. The metallic reel designs are well placed against the beautiful vision of the park structures. This slot game can be played with a minimum bet of £0.30 and a maximum bet of £7.20.

Jurassic World Slot Review- Dangerous symbols

Jurrasic World

The 4 high-value symbols relate to characters from the Jurassic Park film; whereas the lower values are contained by the dangerous dinosaurs like Velociraptor, a Stegosaurus, a Pterodactyl and Tyrannosaurus.

Jurassic ကမ္ဘာ့ဖလားပေါက်စက်များတွင်တောရိုင်း Go

According to Jurassic World Slot Review, the wild symbol is the Jurassic World logo. This symbol can replace all symbols other than the scatter symbol. If this symbol forms part of a winning combination, then the player is awarded huge payouts. Moreover, the wild symbol seems to be stacked up to ten high symbols!

Jurassic ကမ္ဘာ့ဖလားပေါက်ကိုပြန်လည်ဆန်းစစ်ခြင်း၏အပိုဆုအင်္ဂါရပ်များ

Indonimus Feature ကို

This Indonimus feature gets triggered randomly during the base game when the players are able to achieve a win from three to five times of his stake. This feature can make the players increase up to 1000× of the stake amount.

ကြဲဖြန့်နှင့်အခမဲ့လှည့်ဖျား Feature ကို

The mosquito insect is perceived as the scatter symbol of this Jurassic World Slot Review game. The free spins feature gets triggered if the players are able to make them land in groups of 3 or more on the screen. When this feature gets triggered, the players are offered to choose from three distinctive locations. The location which will be visited by the players is selected randomly until the players activate this free spin feature 16 or more times after which he can choose it. The details of different locations in Jurassic World Slot Review are as follows-

  • Gyrosphere Valley- At this location, 10 free spins are awarded to the players along with a trail of multipliersl.
  • Creation Lab- At this location, 10 free spins are awarded to players along with the Rolling Reels. Whenever the players are able to form a winning combo, then the contributing symbols will get removed from the reels and are substituted by new ones.
  • Raptor Den- At this location, wild scatters and ten free spins are awarded to the players.

ရိုင်းအရပ်ရပ်သို့ကွဲပြားစေ Feature ကို

Jurrasic World

In this feature, if 2 or more scatter symbols appears on similar spin, then they get changed into wilds for the base game rounds.


Jurassic World slot machine is a commendable venture by Microgaming. It has unique bonus features for players to enjoy and have a fun time playing them.

အခုတော့ Play

ကံကောင်း Winners

  • winner-noimg ယော်ဒန်မြစ်ကို H အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 100000,00
  • winner-noimg အဆိုပါ Ohrling အနိုင်ရ BIG kr78395.00
  • winner-noimg Simpson J အနိုင်ရ BIG £51200.00
  • winner-noimg Ekman P ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG $ 46500,00
  • winner-noimg Myhr R ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG Kr43840k00
  • winner-noimg Bengtsson S က အနိုင်ရ BIG kr23360.00
  • winner-noimg ထပ် R ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 19544,00
  • winner-noimg Hansson J ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG kr16400.00
  • winner-noimg Wyner M က အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 15000,00
  • winner-noimg Webb R အနိုင်ရ BIG £14351.13
  • winner-noimg Lillb? CK တစ်ဦးက အနိုင်ရ BIG kr14115.00
  • winner-noimg ယော်ဒန်မြစ် N ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 12076,50
  • winner-noimg Nystr? M ကိုဦး အနိုင်ရ BIG kr11890.00
  • winner-noimg Hull က N ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 10800,00
  • winner-noimg Lacey N ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 10800,00
  • winner-noimg Aston W က အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 10500,00
  • winner-noimg တစ်ဦးက Comitescu အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 9831,20
  • winner-noimg သစ်တောဒေါက်တာ အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 9000,00
  • winner-noimg Horsewood M က အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 9000,00
  • winner-noimg Shamon melin S က အနိုင်ရ BIG kr9000.00
  • winner-noimg Harvey J ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 8550,00
  • winner-noimg Douglas L အနိုင်ရ BIG £8320.00
  • winner-noimg Booth J အနိုင်ရ BIG £8066.00
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