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Butterfly Staxx


Butterfly Staxx is one of the best mobile slots online game based on the theme of beautiful nature and its creations. In this game, it is all about colourful pretty flowers and butterflies. The game is powered by five reels and forty betways to help you make symbol win combos. The reels are set against the backdrop of a mystic river surrounded by mountains, grass and trees. A tree with cute purple flower buds looks very attractive under the night sky with bright stars. A mesmerising meditation music is constantly played in the background that sounds just magical. The betting in this game begins at £0.20 and the maximum is set at a limit of £400 a spin

About the developer of Butterfly Staxx

This wonderfully themed best mobile slots online game was developed by none other than NetEnt. A name popular for online entertainment through casino games that also help players win monies. They come with a rich experience of nearly two decades in this industry that has made them master of the art of slot gaming.


There are colourful symbols in this best mobile slots online game that make the reels look impressive. There are red, pink and violet flowers along with a glowing bright butterfly that pays the highest reward of 60x on your bet. The flower symbols pay 40x each when five of their symbols appear on a payline. You can also notice the symbols of playing cards from Jack to Ace. There are two more flower symbols that help you win from bonus features. They are a lavender coloured flower and another one with multiple colours of petals.

Butterfly Staxx

  • Wild Symbol: The flower with multicoloured petals is the wild and it covers for all the base symbols bar the scatter. It appears on all the reels and helps you make enhanced combinations.
  • Scatter Symbol: The lavender flower symbol is the scatter feature of this best mobile slots online game. With three or more appearance of this symbol, you can win five to seven free spin. During these spins, you can only expect cocoon symbols to appear. What you need to look for are the glowing ones that turn into butterflies and fly to the left most of the reels. They remain their sticky until the end of all spins, giving you winning combination payouts on their way.


With a magical theme and colourful graphics, this best mobile slots online game offers various opportunities you can win from.

အခုတော့ Play

ကံကောင်း Winners

  • winner-noimg ယော်ဒန်မြစ်ကို H အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 100000,00
  • winner-noimg အဆိုပါ Ohrling အနိုင်ရ BIG kr78395.00
  • winner-noimg Simpson J အနိုင်ရ BIG £51200.00
  • winner-noimg Ekman P ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG $ 46500,00
  • winner-noimg Myhr R ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG Kr43840k00
  • winner-noimg Schmidt က M ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG kr30250.00
  • winner-noimg Bengtsson S က အနိုင်ရ BIG kr23360.00
  • winner-noimg ထပ် R ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 19544,00
  • winner-noimg Hansson J ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG kr16400.00
  • winner-noimg Wyner M က အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 15000,00
  • winner-noimg Webb R အနိုင်ရ BIG £14351.13
  • winner-noimg Lillb? CK တစ်ဦးက အနိုင်ရ BIG kr14115.00
  • winner-noimg ယော်ဒန်မြစ် N ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 12076,50
  • winner-noimg Nystr? M ကိုဦး အနိုင်ရ BIG kr11890.00
  • winner-noimg Hull က N ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 10800,00
  • winner-noimg Lacey N ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 10800,00
  • winner-noimg Aston W က အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 10500,00
  • winner-noimg တစ်ဦးက Comitescu အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 9831,20
  • winner-noimg သစ်တောဒေါက်တာ အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 9000,00
  • winner-noimg Horsewood M က အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 9000,00
  • winner-noimg Shamon melin S က အနိုင်ရ BIG kr9000.00
  • winner-noimg Harvey J ကို အနိုင်ရ BIG £ 8550,00
  • winner-noimg Douglas L အနိုင်ရ BIG £8320.00
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