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Game of Thrones | Earn Bonus Up To £200


The Most Entertaining Pocket Win Slots for Mobile? Game of Thrones!

このリアルマネー ポケット入賞スロットゲーム at Slot Jar is based on the famous Game of Thrones TV Series, so those of you are a hard core fans – as well as wannabe fans! – will love how Microgaming put this one together! The game even has animated scenes from the famous TV series giving the game a more realistic feel. With 243 Ways to Win and a maximum jackpot payout of 6,050,000 coins, even players who’ve never even heard of Game of Thrones are chomping at the bit to get started!

The artistic drawings, superb animations, and excellent soundtrack will transport you straight to the seven kingdoms of Westeros with hundreds of different pocketwin combinations keeping you entertained the whole way!

real money pocket win slots game at Slot Jar

Unlock 243 Different Ways to Win & Claim the Ultimate Jackpot

This superb pocket win slots game at Slot Jar has a five reels that have replaced the traditional payline structure with a more interactive ‘243 Ways to Win’ prize layout. Players just needs to spin matching symbols on the adjoining reels and not on a fixed pay line. The real – as well as free play slots – betting ranges from 15p to £37.50 and offers a competitive 1500 jackpot coins.
Ultimate Jackpot
The game at Slot Jar has several features that each play should look for in order to have maximum earnings on the amounts staked. The Weapons to Look for in the Battle field:

  • Stacked Wild Symbols:The wild symbol is the logo of the Games of Throne game. This symbol can replace all the other symbols giving the player a more comfortable platform to create winning combinations. They can be stacked on the reels, this means they can easily cover all the spaces on the reels
  • Scatter Symbol:The scatter symbol is the iconic 鉄の玉座. It pays out prizes no matter where it pops up on the screen. They also trigger the main feature of the game which are the free spins that contribute to even bigger pocket win potential
  • 4x Free Spins Feature:The feature is on offer as you play the game with four options. Each of these options has different advantages of up to 18 free spins, as well as a bonus multiplier of 5 times or more. Hitting the spin button will make the reels spin automatically, and any pocket wins will be added to the overall total at the end of the game
  • The Ultimate Win in the battle between the Starks and the Lannisters: The cash prizes are pretty big, and playing all 243 pay lines which gives players the chance to win 20,250 coins. The total sum up one can get in terms of wins is a total of 121 500 cash prizes
  • The scatter symbol is able to pay out prizes. The four spins have plenty of advantages with a possibility of even 18 free spins and a possible multiplier of 5 times prizes are added at the end of the bonus feature. More chance for a pocket win. The game has a competitive package jackpot points of 1500 coins.

Even if you don’t love the TV series, this game will definitely be an enjoyable experience. If you love playing slots and love watching Games of Thrones then this is the game on スロットジャー for you. A real cash opportunity for a massive pocket win.
Cash Prizes are Pretty Big



  • winner-noimg アーロンT. ウォンBIG $ 84,198.00
  • winner-noimg ウィリアムF. ウォンBIG £46,080.00
  • winner-noimg ウィリアムF. ウォンBIG £40,960.00
  • winner-noimg ナタリー・C. ウォンBIG £36,000.00
  • winner-noimg ウィリアム・G. ウォンBIG £31,250.00
  • winner-noimg ニールB. ウォンBIG £29,850.00
  • winner-noimg ロバート・D. ウォンBIG £27,600.00
  • winner-noimg ペトラS. ウォンBIG €26,625.00
  • winner-noimg クリストファーB. ウォンBIG £25,400.00
  • winner-noimg ウィリアム・G. ウォンBIG £25,000.00
  • winner-noimg ポール・フリオ・E. ウォンBIG $ 25,000.00
  • winner-noimg アリ・K. ウォンBIG £24,950.00
  • winner-noimg アリ・K. ウォンBIG £18,400.00
  • winner-noimg クリスT. ウォンBIG £17,850.00
  • winner-noimg アーロンB. ウォンBIG £16,960.00
  • winner-noimg ウィリアム・G. ウォンBIG £15,600.00
  • winner-noimg アリ・K. ウォンBIG £14,000.00
  • winner-noimg ライアン・S. ウォンBIG £12,800.00
  • winner-noimg デビッド・S. ウォンBIG £12,720.00
  • winner-noimg Stanimir M. ウォンBIG £12,640.00
  • winner-noimg ポール・フリオ・E. ウォンBIG $ 12,500.00
  • winner-noimg カレン・M. ウォンBIG £12,500.00
  • winner-noimg アリ・K. ウォンBIG £12,320.00
  • winner-noimg アリ・K. ウォンBIG £12,100.00
  • winner-noimg アンドリュー・S. ウォンBIG £12,000.00
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