स्क्रैच कार्ड | Get up to £200 Free Bonus 100%! | SlotJar कैसीनो | शीर्ष वेतन-आउट, Online & फोन बिल मोबाइल स्लॉट $ / € / £ 200 नि: शुल्क! स्क्रैच कार्ड | Get up to £200 Free Bonus 100%! | SlotJar कैसीनो | शीर्ष वेतन-आउट, Online & फोन बिल मोबाइल स्लॉट $ / € / £ 200 नि: शुल्क!

आज ही जुड़िये,350+ खेल,
£ / $ / £ 200 जमा मैच बोनस, अभी साइनअप करें!
पूर्ण बोनस नीति
नए खिलाड़ी केवल. जुआ पहली वास्तविक बकाया राशि में से होता है. 50एक्स बोनस या मुफ्त स्पिन से उत्पन्न किसी भी जीत wagering, योगदान खेल प्रति भिन्न हो सकते हैं. जुआ आवश्यकता बोनस दांव केवल पर गणना की जाती है. बोनस के लिए मान्य है 30 दिन / मुक्त करने के लिए वैध स्पिन 7 मुद्दे से दिन. मैक्स रूपांतरण: 5 बार बोनस राशि या मुफ्त स्पिन से: $/£ / € 20 या 200 kr. पूर्ण शर्तें लागू होते हैं।

स्क्रैच कार्ड | Get up to £200 Free Bonus 100%!

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Try Your Luck With Scratch Cards At Slot Jar –; Get Up to £200 Free Bonus 100%

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Online Casino Slots and ‘;Scratch Cards’; के लिए विशेष समीक्षा Slotjar.com

The name of this game itself tells you how to play the game of स्क्रैच कार्ड. This game is also known as Scratch and Win Card or Scratch-Off Card. इस खेल में, the player receives a card and scratches away the surface to expose the concealed secret code beneath. If you get the exact arrangement of the secret code, then you become a scratch card winner. Here at Slot Jar also, you can play this exciting game of scratch cards both online and on your mobile! But first, let’s know more about this game.

Scratch Cards

Scratch And Win Real Money With Scratch Cards At Slot Jar –; अभी साइनअप करें

Slot Jar Casino

लपकना 100% आपका स्वागत है बोनस £ 200 तक + का आनंद लें 20 सप्ताहांत पर नि: शुल्क spins

  • The game of scratch card got its first big start in the 1980s when the various states in America started using them in their state lotteries. बेशक, now scratch cards are used in lotteries in countries around the world, and now you can also play this on the internet. सरल शब्दों में, you can say that scratch cards are pieces of cardboard which have little squares printed on them covered by little bits of silver coating. Under all this silver coating, you will find the combination that stands between you and your real money prize!
  • Scratch cards that are known by several other names have been used for may purposes other than national lotteries and in online casinos. You can also find many charity organisations that print and sell scratch card for their own fundraising purpose. Many private companies also give away scratch cards for free in magazines and others to attract customers to their product.

 Scratch and Win Card

Offers And Bonuses That Earns You Real Cash Are Sweeter With Slot Jar Casino

You might have heard about online scratch cards if you are a diehard fan of this game! Now you can play scratch card online at Slot Jar too! You can win all the incredible prizes without actually going to your local store to buy a scratch card. Just sit at home and scratch away!

Scratch Off Card

Since you can play this online now, it has become really easier to play scratch cards. No need to get out of the house. Win thousands of dollars within seconds that too from the comfort of your home!

हम पर स्लॉट जार कैसीनो offer you the best range of online scratch cards so that you can play until your heart’s content. All varieties of this game can be found here.

Playing at Slot Jar can be a unique experience. All you have to do is sign up with us and enjoy the different varieties of scratch card games that we have!

Play Scratch Cards Online at Slot Jar

Devices That Ease The Game Play At Slot Jar

You can now enjoy your favourite game and play scratch cards on your mobile or tablet. Like all other games at Slot Jar Casino, scratch cards are also compatible with all devices such as Android, आई - फ़ोन, और ब्लैकबेरी iPad संगत हैं!

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Payment Methods And Withdrawals For Your Deposits And Winnings

All forms of payment are accepted at स्लॉट जार. Our players can either pay us with their debit and credit cards, or they can also deposit via BT landline. It all depends on you!

Contact Us For Any Doubts, Questions Or Any Information

Have any questions? Doubts? Want more information?

Don’t worry our efficient customer support team at Slot Jar Casino is here to guide and help you!

All you have to do is contact us, and we will answer all your queries immediately!

Gamble Aware

Lucky Winners

  • विजेता-noimg Tufis C Won BIG kr66600.00
  • विजेता-noimg Townsend C Won BIG £50250.00
  • विजेता-noimg Skvarnavicius K Won BIG £50000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Andersson I Won BIG kr37262.50
  • विजेता-noimg Rose S Won BIG £36880.00
  • विजेता-noimg Parker R Won BIG £20450.00
  • विजेता-noimg Ekman P Won BIG $20000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Nolan R Won BIG €18900.00
  • विजेता-noimg Scott N Won BIG £16000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Jordan N Won BIG £15435.00
  • विजेता-noimg Tharani N Won BIG £14000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Fransson P Won BIG kr13970.00
  • विजेता-noimg Stoll L Won BIG £13200.00
  • विजेता-noimg Ahlstrom T Won BIG kr12930.00
  • विजेता-noimg Rastall K Won BIG £12875.00
  • विजेता-noimg Caulker S Won BIG £12600.00
  • विजेता-noimg Brivio V Won BIG £12375.00
  • विजेता-noimg Roche J Won BIG £12285.00
  • विजेता-noimg Stables G Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Gostynski K Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Stables G Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Cockram J Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Gandecha S Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Martin R Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Martin R Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Martin E Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Williams C Won BIG £12000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Fearn M Won BIG £11884.50
  • विजेता-noimg Donkersloot J Won BIG €11850.00
  • विजेता-noimg ओवेन-थॉमस आर Won BIG £11500.00
  • विजेता-noimg Way K Won BIG $11500.00
  • विजेता-noimg Sanna G Won BIG £10450.00
  • विजेता-noimg एरेस एच Won BIG £10193.75
  • विजेता-noimg Porteous D Won BIG £10028.80
  • विजेता-noimg Chan A Won BIG £9500.00
  • विजेता-noimg Harrison C Won BIG £9165.00
  • विजेता-noimg Jonsson F Won BIG kr9030.00
  • विजेता-noimg Iles N Won BIG £8940.00
  • विजेता-noimg Schiavone G Won BIG £8402.40
  • विजेता-noimg Engstrom C Won BIG £8104.00
  • विजेता-noimg Joshi P Won BIG £8100.00
  • विजेता-noimg Muena Y Won BIG kr8100.00
  • विजेता-noimg Van den broek J Won BIG €7680.00
  • विजेता-noimg Hermaszuk A Won BIG £7570.00
  • विजेता-noimg Wood G Won BIG £7500.00
  • विजेता-noimg Hughes W Won BIG £7400.00
  • विजेता-noimg Baylis J Won BIG £7200.00
  • विजेता-noimg Maccoll D Won BIG £7150.00
  • विजेता-noimg Stephens B Won BIG £7147.40
  • विजेता-noimg Danielsson A Won BIG kr7000.00
  • विजेता-noimg Sderstrm V Won BIG kr6850.00
  • विजेता-noimg Neil J Won BIG £6840.00
  • विजेता-noimg Razmgah J Won BIG kr6829.50
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