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Creepy Castle

Nobody loves monsters because they are creepy, scary and ugly but not the ones that you can find in Creepy Castle slot game. This game has some funny and some cute looking colourful monsters that you will fall in love with. You can play this at any mobile slot games site with its five reels and 25 win lines. The slot is set in the backdrop of a haunted castle with a view of full moon outside the window of a dungeon. The music, तथापि, is a cartoon style that lifts your scares off. The betting here starts with £0.01 but the maximum goes till £1250 a spin.

About the developer of Creepy Castle

This creepy little game that you can play at a mobile slot games site was developed by Chance (NYX). A creative new online casino games development company with many years of experience and expertise in various game technologies.

खेल के बारे में

This cartoon-style game that you can play at your favourite mobile slot games site has symbols of four different monsters. Yellow three eyed monster, green tall legged, single-eyed teal colour monster and purple one called bato. Three-eyed monster pays the highest reward of 350 times your stake on five of its kind. There are six card symbols from 9 through to ace that pay lower coin wins. There are two special symbols that trigger bonus features. They are the WILD and the game logo symbols. All symbols in the game pay from left to right with amazing animation effects upon winning.

Bonus Wild Feature: The wild symbol replaces all the symbols of the game except for the game logo. This feature helps you make an enhanced winning combination. So more the wild symbols on reels, better is your winnings. पांच जंगली प्रतीकों भी आप खेल के 500x के उच्चतम हिस्सेदारी देना.

बोनस स्कैटर: आप मोबाइल स्लॉट खेल स्थल पर इस खेल को खेलते हैं, आप अपने बिखराव सुविधा खेल लोगो से शुरू हो रहा आनंद ले सकते हैं. तीन, चार या रीलों पर इन में से पांच को गति प्रदान नौ, बारह या पंद्रह मुक्त स्पिन. तुम भी कुछ दरवाजे कि आधार राक्षस प्रतीकों को प्रकट खोलने के लिए मिलता है. सभी का पता चला राक्षस मुक्त स्पिन भर जंगली में बदलना.

सारांश: यह सबसे अच्छा राक्षस थीम पर आधारित खेल है कि आप एक मोबाइल स्लॉट खेल स्थल पर खेल सकते हैं. विभिन्न बोनस के साथ, you can easily expect to win some good amount of rewards. The RTP of this game is 95.12%.

अब खेलते हैं

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  • विजेता-noimg रसेल एल बस पर जीता अतिरिक्त नकदी!! £ 1580.00
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  • विजेता-noimg Liogerpusis आर बस पर जीता गहना हड़ताल £ 1320.00
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