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£ / $ / £ 200 Bonws Match Adnau, GOFRESTRU NAWR!
Polisi Bonws llawn
Chwaraewyr Newydd yn Unig. Gyngwystlo digwydd o gydbwysedd cyntaf go iawn. 50x gyngwystlo bonws neu unrhyw winnings gynhyrchir o troelli am ddim, efallai y cyfraniad amrywio fesul gêm. Mae'r gofyniad gyngwystlo ei gyfrifo ar betiau bonws yn unig. Bonws yn ddilys am 30 diwrnod / troelli am ddim yn ddilys am 7 diwrnod o broblem. Max trosi: 5 gwaith y swm bonws neu gan troelli am ddim: $ / £ / € 20 neu 200 kr. Termau llawn yn gymwys.

Dragon Ennill


Dragon Wins is a uniquely designed slot game that is developed by the NextGen Gaming. The slot is set beautifully with greenery, grasses and a clear blue sky. The four corners of the slot are occupied by four dragons and the reels are set on stone plaque which looks very attractive. This Slotiau SMS Cadwch Enillion game is easily available on Desktops, all Android devices, tablet devices and PCs. The slot comes with an RTP of 96.00%.

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Have Some Fun With This SMS Slots Keep Winnings Game!!

Mae hyn yn Slotiau SMS Cadwch Enillion gêm is very well designed with five reels and forty paylines. The slot has adventure, magic and fantasy which makes it exciting. The slot has cartoon style graphics, captivating animations and sound music track which adds to glory for this slot. The player can have a min bet of 25p per spin whereas max bet of £125 per spin on this SMS Slots Keep Winnings.

The higher-value symbols for the slot are 4 dragons of differentiated colours including gold, red, green and purple. The lower-value symbols are different precious stones.

The “Wild” written in gold on the blue crest is the wild symbol of the slot and 4 dragons heads are the scatter symbol of the slot.

Nodweddion bonws

Y nodwedd Reels Gwyllt

Player will get between 5 and 10 free spins. On each free spin, max 3 reels can become wild reels. Player can regenerate till 20 free-spins.

nodwedd Tân y Ddraig yn

Dragon has ability to repeat the win for one 3, 5 or 10 times if in right time dragon breathes fire.This feature gets generated randomly in the base game.

Mae'r Mwy nodwedd gwyllt

Player will get between 10 and 15 free-spins. After every free spin, the selected symbols will turn into wild. Player can regenerate this feature with max of 30 free spins on an offer.

nodwedd Dragon yn troelli

In order to generate it, one has to fill the dragon meters. This is done by forming winning combos with a particular dragon symbol. Player will receive 3 Dragon Spins each.

  • Reels Ddraig neu Dreigiau Gwyrdd– dragons will change into green dragons with 3 middle reels changing to the dragon reels.
  • Ehangu Dragons neu Dreigiau Purple– dragons will change into purple dragons taking up the whole reel.
  • Dragons pentyrru neu Dreigiau Coch– stacked on each reel
  • More Dragons or Gold Dragons- dragons will change into gold dragons.

I grynhoi

Dragon Wins is an entertaining SMS Slots Keep Winnings slot game. The slot bonus features provide winning potential and it has an ability to keep its players attracted towards the game. One has a chance of earning a jackpot of 25000 coins in their gameplay. In all, the slot is worth trying and checking out.

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Enillwyr lwcus

  • winner-noimg Forsman R Won BIG kr72300.00
  • winner-noimg Ekman P Won BIG $ 56,700.00
  • winner-noimg Lindstrom H Won BIG kr49000.00
  • winner-noimg Gwyn D Won BIG £ 42,400.00
  • winner-noimg Artymiuk M Won BIG £ 30,240.00
  • winner-noimg guro P Won BIG £ 23,850.00
  • winner-noimg Stephens B Won BIG £ 23,840.00
  • winner-noimg R Parker Won BIG £ 23,100.00
  • winner-noimg Jordan N Won BIG £ 22,500.00
  • winner-noimg Lawlor T Won BIG £ 20,480.00
  • winner-noimg Gwyn J Won BIG £ 20,000.00
  • winner-noimg Grell D Won BIG Kr20000k00
  • winner-noimg Davidsson S Won BIG kr19290.00
  • winner-noimg Schilder S Won BIG € 17,590.00
  • winner-noimg Ghani S Won BIG £ 16,960.00
  • winner-noimg Gintoli F Won BIG $ 15,600.00
  • winner-noimg Karan G Won BIG kr14730.00
  • winner-noimg Sherzad H Won BIG £ 14,500.00
  • winner-noimg Rocky R Won BIG € 14,400.00
  • winner-noimg Walker M Won BIG $ 12,500.00
  • winner-noimg Healy S Won BIG £ 12,000.00
  • winner-noimg G Stablau Won BIG £ 12,000.00
  • winner-noimg gostyński K Won BIG £ 12,000.00
  • winner-noimg Oldham M Won BIG £ 11,970.00
  • winner-noimg Karlborg R Won BIG kr11200.00
  • winner-noimg Bauld M Won BIG £ 10,836.00
  • winner-noimg Goodwin S Won BIG £ 10,688.00
  • winner-noimg Abbas D Won BIG kr10512.00
  • winner-noimg Jonsson P Won BIG kr10316.00
  • winner-noimg Torsson J Won BIG kr10280.00
  • winner-noimg Rastall K Won BIG £ 10,080.00
  • winner-noimg Karlborg R Won BIG kr10000.00
  • winner-noimg Aston W Won BIG £ 10,000.00
  • winner-noimg Khani A Won BIG £ 9920.00
  • winner-noimg Jones E Won BIG £ 9289.00
  • winner-noimg Beal M Won BIG £ 9270.00
  • winner-noimg Fellbrink A Won BIG kr8160.00
  • winner-noimg Chergui H Won BIG kr7852.00
  • winner-noimg Belzowski J Won BIG £ 7815.00
  • winner-noimg Khamchomphu P Won BIG kr7740.00
  • winner-noimg Parsons L Won BIG £ 7500.00
  • winner-noimg Jones J Won BIG £ 7205.80
  • winner-noimg Nikqi F Won BIG kr7200.00
  • winner-noimg Canham N Won BIG £ 7000.00
  • winner-noimg Blowes S Won BIG £ 6948.50
  • winner-noimg Andersson G Won BIG kr6932.00
  • winner-noimg Altria J Won BIG £ 6912.00
  • winner-noimg MCILHERRON J Won BIG £ 6525.00
  • winner-noimg Cey M Won BIG $ 6305.00
  • winner-noimg Rose S Won BIG £ 6085.00
  • winner-noimg Mae arfordir J Won BIG $ 6032.00
  • winner-noimg Martin E Won BIG £ 6000.00
  • winner-noimg Sanna G Won BIG £ 6000.00
  • winner-noimg Lowth D Won BIG £ 6000.00
  • winner-noimg ac Muena Won BIG kr5952.00
  • winner-noimg DLODI L Won BIG £ 5722.00
  • winner-noimg daniel M Won BIG kr5457.50
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