Classic Roulette Classic Roulette

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Classic Roulette

Roulette is one of the most famous and most iconic ones out of all the casino games. It is also one of the oldest table games which were, in the rudimentary form played in the 18- 19عشر مئة عام. No matter if you are a novice or an advanced player, the slot can be played easily by all types of players.

About Developer

NetEnt software developer has powered and featured Classic Roulette (LIVE). NetEnt is a leading game developer which is successfully pioneering in the casino industry since 20 years. Their unique live casino set up has attracted a wide range of players all over the world.

Classic Roulette

About Game

In live Roulette you can switch between Auto Roulette and Live Dealer Roulette. There is a dramatic difference between Live Roulette and the standard roulette. The main motive of the best online roulette لعبه is not very hard to achieve as it completely depends on you whether your guess is right or wrong. You have to guess in which slot the ball will drop after crossing the roulette wheel. This will be apparent after you locate one or more bets on the roulette table. Once the ball reaches the pocket with that specific number, the corresponding players will win money. On the screen of the table game, the stake field is displayed with its inside stake areas (the numbers 0 إلى 36) and the outside stake areas (black/red or even/black). ال best online roulette game is played on the usual European wheel having 37 divisions, where 1 إلى 36 numbers and number zero can be seen. Numbers from 1 إلى 36 are black and red alternately whereas the single zero has a green color. All the numbers displayed on the French roulette table are white-colored and the French table displays only one zero. The position of the outside staking field is also different in the classic Roulette (LIVE), the best Online Roulette Game. It is divided into two parts and located beside the side of the table. Each of the outside bets shows a visual display of French monikers on the table whereas sometimes, its English translation is also displayed beneath the French name. A function known as ‘prison’ is available in this best online roulette game.

Classic Roulette


Classic Roulette (LIVE) is the best online roulette game which is fully packed with fun and entertainment. The realistic sound effects and graphics add to the live casino gaming experience at home.

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